Friday, December 26, 2008


Suddenly got this tune in my head....................
Kangaroo Kangaroo dutty kangaroo
Sitting on the railway & doing no.2
the no. 2 is dirrty so wash it in the sea
cut it into pieces & hav it 4 ur tea!!

It was one of the old 'dip/dib' songs we used to sing to decide who's the 'denner'. Sounds like crap, rite. Maybe to today's kids. But all d ppl who grew up between mid 90's & 2002 (1st 10-12 years of life i mean ) shud remeber wat me say. If yawl used to play that is. And no, i don't mean like a specific sport, i mean just "play". Those simple games where u just need some other ppl & an area(cud be a building/park/colony/playground) & ur imagination.
The best part about childhood is coming back from skool, dumpin' yo bags & goin down to play............
Another one of those songs i just remembered................
Once a budda met a buddi under a mangotree
Sed the budda to the buddi - will u marry me,
say yes or no?

Lolz,,,,i'm in splits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nowadays' kids......i dont really see anyone playin those games we used to play. Or playing period(.) Maybe all are in tutions....they go from KG itself! Gawd! Imagine i got bugged goin for tyoots for 10th & 12th & they have their whole skool life left!
And rememba the ~ frock ~ ??
I rarely ever see any kid (girl) wearing that anymore! O my! And i only stopped wearing 'frocks' wen i was like 10 or 11.
Well, today's generation of pre-teens may be taller & less innocent, but am i glad i ain't one of 'em!

PS> AND, they're missing Cartoon Network! And i mean the original one which used to be in English & after 9pm switch back to was an integral part of my even taught me my English!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Atlast I have sumthin' to blog about!

Guess guess guess...wat is this post about? Ahaaa...the Mumbai terror attacks! Oh nooooo......u've heard enuff about that? So hav I ppl....but wat the heck!

By now ( a week later ) the whole world knows wat happened in Mumbai a week back....about 2 handfuls of terrorists went around terrorizing the ppl of Mumbai. CST most of us have been to. Leopold's most of us have atleast contemplated entering for a chilled beer ...brr...Taj & Oberoi some of us have been to, but all of us have looked at from outside & thought wow! especially in case of Taj. So this time it was too close!!

Can u count the no. of times there's been some or other trouble in this city coz of which u've not been able to go somewhere? It's either floods, bomb scare/blast, Shiv Sena/MNS (it'll take a whole other post bloggin about them!),riots, taxi/train/auto/bus strike, & now....ppl with guns & hand grenades barging into hotels, cafes, hospitals & railway stations.
They say the ppl of Mumbai are cold & heartless, & waste no time in getting on with their lives. A euphamism used is strong, fearless & bouncing back to life as nothing can bog Mumbaikars down. But plz don't give me that crap about the spirit of Mumbai, coz seriously ppl go to work the next day as if nothing has happened, only cauz they have to earn a living.... Who doesn't like an unexpected holiday, right?
Anyhoo, wat i don't understand is how come 300 commandos couldn't overpower like 10-14 terrorists? And why weren't the commandos given the layouts of the hotels? It's not humanly possible for 2 or 3 terrorists to guard each & every entry & exit point of each hotel. So why was it so difficult for the commandos to storm the place & gun them down? Oh yaa, they were worried about hitting a civilian.
And anyhoo 90% of the ppl were killed on the1st night itself. The Marcos & NSGs meanwhile had just woken up & were brushing their teeth! Forget them, the Mumbai police before them didn't know how to use guns & had on useless bullet proof jackets & head gear which could only withstand stone pelting. I guess they expected the terrorists to shoot stones at them, not bullets. And the GRP sitting at CST with their sticks were the first to flee when the terrorists entered & started shooting ppl down.
A 'siege' which goes on for 4 days....where can it happen? Only in India.
If it had been any other country, the situation would have been resolved within an hour or two. But here, it can continue for a week. No wonder this got so much international coverage, much more than 7/11. Main reason - foreigners were also targetted. But the fact is, majority of those who died were Indian.
After this particular episode, noboby's gonna come to Mumbai as a tourist. India's even been named among the top 20 most dangerous countries to visit!
At the end of the day, those of us who've not been directly affected can't deny that we don't feel that thrill of excitement, terror & fear as we watch & wonder...when will it be my turn? After all, there are rumours that a couple of terrorists are still roaming around the streets of Mumbai....


Boomull is a nice friendly dog in Matheran!! Oh yes....he hates that anorexic Mangie & his tail's caked with dirt! How did u find ur way Boomullllllllllllllll???????


Wat u lukin at?