Thursday, July 16, 2009

No it aint the hutch puppy, it's MILO!!

Munsoooooooooon in Mumbai

Rains are here unfortunately.....vat to do?!

Rains in the countryside may be sweet, but in Mumbai, all the smells (all of 'em yucky) are just magnified and we have to suffer worse roads (how can it be any worse, you ask?) than during the rest of the year. Not only to travel on but also walk on....slush slush slush and i ent talkin bout the one u can sip on.

Moderate "showers" for a couple of hours and you better start a couple of hours early if u wanna reach your destination on time.

A break from work/school/college for a day here & there due to heavy rains & floods in the city is understandable. But remember a few years back when noboby could step out the house for a whole week? Haha!! We got so bored we ended up playing boardgames all the time!

And not to forget the day it rained cats n dogs (highest ever), 26/7 was it, i'm not too good with dates, when everyone was stranded! Actually there were two such days.....the first time, i stuck it out in an overcrowded bus (full of pervs), standing on one toe for hours on end as the bus crawled along. The other time i took a train halfway to my destination and walked the rest of the way in waist deep water. But some ppl had to wade in chest deep water & stuff, and all the leetle kids must have been so frightened ~but think of the children! sniff sniff~. Well i'll bet everyone came across atleast one dead rat & its feces & of course the good citizens' feces+urine+paan spits....i even saw a dead dog floating by.

I can't think of even one nice thing to say about the rains in Mumbai, forget the cliched cuppa & hot pakodas. You wanna go out somewhere, and the rains will literally rain on your parade. It's always happenin to me! So i've decided this season round that i'm not gonna let it affect me. A lil rain aint gonna ruin my fudge u!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Those Who Feed Stray Dogs

Here's a word of advice to ppl who feed stray dogs regularly....most of you give the dogs biscuits and the like to munch on. Instead you can feed boiled eggs! The egg white is number 1 in protein digestibility & has the perfect amino acid profile, and good quality protein is very important for dogs.....while biscuits don't provide much in the way of nutrition. Also, feeding the dog an egg (which costs around Rs.3) turns out cheaper in the long run than a packet of biscuits, say Parle G (which costs Rs.4). But feed only BOILED eggs with the SHELL REMOVED to avoid infections like salmonellosis.

You can follow the procedure below.........

  1. You can check how fresh the egg is by immersing it in a bowl of water : if the egg sinks & lies on its side at the bottom of the bowl, it is completely fresh. If it stands up but stays at the bottom, it is partially fresh. If it bobs up & floats on the surface, it is rotten & it's time to chuck it.
  2. If the egg was kept in the fridge, first bring it to room temperature before boiling, to avoid it from cracking.
  3. Immerse it in a vessel filled with water. The height of water should be atleast a couple of inches above the egg.
  4. Add a pinch of salt to the water and boil.
  5. After it is fully boiling (big bubbles) switch off the gas.
  6. Cover the vessel immediately and keep it covered for around 15 minutes.
  7. Take out the egg, let it cool a bit if it's too hot to handle & remove the shell properly.
  8. Feed it to the dog in question.
  9. Watch it gobble it up!