Thursday, May 24, 2007

shopping in mumbai

I live in Mumbai so i thought i'd write bout everyone's fav pastime- shoppin out here.
I'd say you get the best deals in Hill Road, Bandra coz not only do u get almost everyting u can possibly think of, but also at reasonable rates. Believe me, if u look, u'll find some very cool clothes that are such a steal. And the accessories, and shoes & mugs & even linen & underwear- its all good!If you're looking for good stuff & cheap deals, this is the place.
I think Linking road is just overhyped. I mean, the place is littered with shoes, bags that aren't so great & the clothes are just, not even worth a second look. So if you wanna walk around in the sun & maybe try buying something thats overpriced anyways then you're just wasting yo time.
Colaba causeway is fun if you're willing to shell out some more money. Especially a couple of these shops tucked away along the causeway do have some good stuff if you're lucky. The tshirts & tops selling on the causeway are not too bad either. But u can't bargain much around here for accessories so i guess colaba causeway is a true paradise mainly for foreign tourists.
Then there's Phoenix Mills. Cant say much. You know, if u want something cheaper, you enter Big Bazaar( it's specially good for jeans tho ) & otherwise there's a bunch of hi fi shops like Pantaloons, Lifestyle watever.
Another place some might tend to overlook is Dadar TT. They do have some nice stuff lined out all over. So if u look around u might find sumting that catches your eye. Oh yah, i almost forgot. You get nice pants which u can use as pajamas for like 20 bucks in Flora Fountain. There's also t-shirts selling for 20 bucks at the same place. And while ur at it, check out the pavement opposite Flora Fountain for all the books u ever wanted. You can buy or even rent from here. Have fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sexy Dogs Names


more stuff bout jaguars

The jaguar is one of the four big cats that purrs the others being the tiger,lion, & the leopard. The jaguar is mainly found in Central & South America. Its habitat includes tropical forests, Savanna, scrub, desert, swamps, but near water. They rearely venture more than 0.5 km from water.
The jaguar loves water. It attracts fish by swinging its tail underwater. It is also an adept climber & so it is at home in trees, water as well as on ground. The lifespan of a jaguar in the wild is 11 to 16 years while that of a jaguar in captivity is about 22 years.Jaguars are usually yellow-brown with black spots. The side & back shows a circle of spots surrounding a central spot. The head, legs & underside show solid black spots. Some jaguars are even white. Melanistic/black jaguars are also found. They are sometimes confused with black panthers. Black panthers are actually black leopards.
Leopards & jaguars are often confused. The jaguar can be distinguished by irregular shapes within the larger rosette markings. The jaguar has a shorter tail & is stronger, more muscular, more stockily built with stocky forelimbs & a smaller, bulkier & more rounded head. They do not have a necklace of spots unlike the leopards & they have a more muscular neck. Black leopards & black jaguars can be distinguished through their build.
Jaguar coloration & size depends on habitat type. Darker individuals are found in denser forests where dark coloration benefits camouflage. Larger jaguars are found in open plains maybe because larger prey is found here.
The jaguar is very strong. Prey is killed with a powerful bite to the head, neck or throat. Jaguars are the only big cats to regularly kill by piercing the skull. They drag the carcass to shelter to feed.

Source: internet

stuff about jaguar the big cat

Scientific name - panthera onca
Habitat - Central & South America
Lifespan - 11-16 years
Physical appearance - Yellowish-brownish with black spots
Litter - 3-4 cubs
Behaviour - Solitary
Diet - a wide range of arboreal, terrestrial & aquatic animals
Habit - Crepuscular

Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Subclass - Theria
Order - Carnivora
Family - Felidae
Genus - Panthera
Species - onca