Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I mainly went to see this one cauz there's Freida Pinto who luks hot. So it's about how a lil slum boy becomes a millionaire & gets the girl too. Half the ppl(indian) who saw this movie loved it sayin "o! india shinin! be proud!" & the rest are like "they're dissin india by showin it in a bad light".
Well, this is wat i've got to say about this movie........it's very realistic, right from the heaps of shit & garbage to the traffic jams to the family gathered round the teevee eatin pizza!
To those saying the movie only shows our city in a negative way....well it's true! Open your eyes dog - mumbai's the place where malls & huts coexist....it's also crowded, full of ugly high rise buildings, stink, rubbish, traffic snarls, beggars, bad roads, stains & o! i can go on & on....
And to those praising the movie to high heaven.....it's not THAT great! i don't see y there's soooo much hype over it, it's just a timepass movie....catch it if u have time, u don't HAVE to see it. I mean, it's gud, but not great...definitely not Oscar material, least of all the songs. Better made than a bollywood movie though.
The story's quite dumb. Jamal's bro Salim is a meanie who's gud at heart, while jamal is an out & out goody two shoes....Latika is the lil girl that joins them. Well, bout the acting.....none of them have too much to act.....Dev Patel ( jamal) is pretty boring. Freida Pinto (latika) is good to look at, but really doesn't have much to act. Anil Kapoor is just so ott! artificial overacting. Irfan Khan is bearable but really there's no show stealer....generally noboby seems at ease....it just doesn't sound natural.... I felt the boy who plays the teenaged Salim was the only one dat seemed genuine.

And has anyboby heard the word 'slumdog' before?? well i haven't but as usual some ppl think it's derogatory....wateva! To me, "dog" has always been an endearing term. Maybe a transliteration...umm...jhopadpatti kutta crorepati! LOL!!!!!!! Anyhoo, wat me say....it's tp!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Blog

Howdy to whoever (duz anyboby ever see dis blog??) is reading this. Plz visit my new blog - www.muttsofmumbai.blogspot.com

U'll get to see snaps of cute dogs, bitches & puppies !!!! Enjoy!