Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight

This one's all about the special effects. The story or really get it. I would have thought they'd cast Aaron Eckhart as Batman. Christian Bale just duzn't stand out. And he speaks in a really weird voice thru'out. Check out his mouth when he's talking...damn weird.
I haven't seen any other Batman movie or read any of the comics. I went to see this movie cauz there was so much hype & everyone was saying it's so awesome. But main reason i went to see it was that it was Heath Ledger's last finished role. I mean, how cud i not see it? And true, the movie was bearable only cauz of him. The parts where he was not there was like so boring. The Joker is hot!! Damn it y did he die......
I really can't write out a summary cauz the story duzn't make much sense anyways. The batmobile its s'posed to be indestructible rite? wateva......n wateva happened to Robin........
Gawd n Maggie Gyllenhaal cant act. She's an older version of Kirsten Dunst but SHE CANT ACT. I cannot believe she's Jake's sista..i mean, how can the 2 even be related??
So if u aint a fan of Heath Ledger, don't watch this movie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok continuing where i left off........

GARNISH - Another place in King's Circle, the food here is cheap, fast n easy. Well, not that cheap but cheaper than Classic. (if my memory's not failin me). It's oily food, but satisfactory n bearable when ur hungry. They also have an outer (no ac) & inner ac area. But it tends to be crowded. GO THERE

MACHU PICHU - This place is one of the eateries in the Hub in Goregaon east. Hearing the name ( it's a place in South America) i thought aaah this shud be gud. But it turns out it's not really. Everything is quite expensive but the portion is very less. I used to like their cold salad Mama Mia but even that has lost its appeal the last time i went there. But the Chole Bature is fine. Okay, if u wanna go there go maybe once but u won't find it great. C'mon even the ketchup they serve there is a cheap brand which tastes gawd awful & i mean, the place is empty, ppl got sense. DONT GO THERE

YOGI - This is in Sion. It is as yuck as it sounds. Other than their pineapple raita, even the rubbish from the dump truck tastes better. DONT GO THERE

NEW YORKER - I'm talkin bout the one in King's Circle. It's quite expensive & mostly u'll find the inhabitants of King's Circle or Matunga so that may be a mood dampner. But whatever they have that's drippin with cheese is good. So GO THERE

RUBY TUESDAY - The food is awright but believe me, it's expensive. Not somewhere a non loaded person wud go to every month. The service is okay (atleast the one at nariman pt) & their drinks are fine. GO THERE

UNCLE'S KITCHEN - This is a Chinese eatery in Malad, & by Chinese i don't mean Indianized stuff, but the real deal. And surprisingly, the food is very affordable. The only bad thing is that they don't serve desserts. I say GO THERE

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feed Stuffs

I thought i'd write a couple lines bout some of the restaurants that i've been to in Mumbai.
Starting with, of course, the place i always head to.........
OVENFRESH - Their only outlet is in Dadar west & since around a year they've even turned vegetarian. If u feel like continental (pizza pasta sandwich nachos tacos croissants calazone pastries muffins drinks n other exotic feed ) head over. They also serve sizzlers (cough cough). It is a lil expensive but it's worth it. And their bread is exquisite. Aahh salivate salivate. Try to get a seat in the inner area where the walls are funny n funky. But the outer area is also fine if a bit clinical. GO THERE

And now, the other place i always head to.............
GYPSY CORNER - Also in Dadar near Shivaji Park, i'm only talkin bout it, not Gypsy Chinese. So this is also vegetarian. It serves some Maharashtrian stuffs with weird names. I aint a fan of that. It also serves some conti stuff such as pizza, mashed potatos (ha ha), n u get the point. Eat these at ur own risk. If u r there and u must eat conti, then i'd eat the pizza. U'll find it good at first but after many visits & many pizzas u'll get bored of it. But Gypsy Corner is my other fave restaurant cauz of their sev puri. i die 4 it. But since i hate spicy i always tell them to put v. less spice or none at all. I'd suggest u do the same if u wanna enjoy urs. Top that off with one of their ices ( me i always go with hot fudge nut sundae tho i've tried all) & ur gud 2 go. I esp luv their dessertes cauz they giv a pot of choc sauce separately. And it's not too expensive no. not like OF. So GO THERE

Okay now for a bad review. I'll only write a line or 2 from now............
SAI VEG WORLD - It's in Goregaon east bang outside the station. One word to describe this place is pretentious. The food is overpriced & okay, maybe after the first bite u'll say 'hmm...not bad' but after that, believe me, u'll rush home & puke. And the stuff they've got lined outside the restaurant looks yucky & oily and if ur desperately hungry u have to get a coupon from 1 place & the food from another. At the most you can grab a cuppa (of nescafe, dat is) tho even dat's overpriced (20 bux). DONT GO THERE

Ok really now i'll write less...............
5 SPICE - It's somewhere near Fort. It's authentic Chinese all the way. From the waitresses dressed in suity kimonos (wait..isn't that Jap??) to the decor to obviously the food. Chinese food is asoociated with oil amino acid n all but tryooo blyooo Chinky food lovers will like it here. I dunno, it's expensive but crowded even on a rainy day. Well okay ur shit the next day might be orange, but GO THERE

CAFE MOCAMBO - It's also somewhere in sobo. To tell u the truth, i don't really remember anything much about this place but i vaguely remember i was quite happy steppin out. It's expensive but cozy with nice drinks & pastries. And the thing i like bout restaurants such as these is that they display the menu outside so it wouldn't lead to the waiters/staff getting embarrased. Unlike the next place on the list. So GO THERE

CLASSIC - Well this place in King's Circle has a downstairs non air conditioned area & an upstairs AC area. What can i say...u eat here, u think ur stomach's full, later u get a stomach ache, ur left with a hole in ur pocket & a bad taste in ur mouth. But i have to say this place can be deceptive. Don't go there unless ur really hungry, have cash & are too tired to walk anywhere else. Try the cheese sandwich is all i say. Once i went there with a cuple of friends, we weren't really that hungry but we climbed all the way up to the AC place, sat down, asked 4 the menu, had a sip of water, opened the menu, and looking at it we really dint feel like wastin money out here. So we walked out again. Ha ha. Atleast we got a few laughs out of that. So DONT GO THERE

Movie Review - U Turn

Saw this one the other day. Wanted 2 sleeeeeeeeep but then it had Sean Penn, Billy Bob Thorton (angie's ex), John Voight (angie's dad), JLo.
So this guy Bobby (sean penn) owes some gangsta lots of money but doesn't pay him back on time so gets two of his fingers cut off. This was last week. Now, he's got some of the cash & he's on his way to California but his car breaks down in the dreary desert of Arizona. So he takes a u turn & goes to a town called Superior to get his car fixed. He finds a mechanic, an annoying a-hole (Billy Bob) & leaves his car with him. He goes to town to get a drink & meets Grace (JLo). She of course invites him to her place & then her hubby comes home n all hell breaks lose. But then, the hubby reveals to Bobby that he actually hates her & offers him money to kill her. Bobby laughs it off & goes his way.
As the day goes on, his luck only gets worse & the more people he meets the more weird & crazy Superior seems. In the end, he loses his cash, so makes the deal with the hubby but then is not able to kill her ( fucks her instead). And then she reveals that the hubby's actually her dad & she hates him for wat he did to her mom n her & desperately wants to get out of Superior. So they in turn hatch a plan to kill the hubby cauz she knows he has tons of cash & where he hides it.
Finally she's the one that kills everybody & in the end everone dies anyways. Okay, u might have not understood anyting from wat i've written but lemme just say its a gud un. It's really frustrating for Bobby thru'out cauz Superior really is full of psychos that drive him nuts. Its a crazy movie. watch it.

PS> I dint really like JLo in this movie. dunno why. But i loved everyting bout her (character, look) in monster in law. isn't that the one where she's the dogwalker.....But i liked the others