Friday, May 30, 2008

Energetics - Lucky's own

Recently, a bitch (female dog) in my friend's building/colony gave birth to 8 puppies. She (Lucky) is very anorexic with her ribs showing.
This scenario reminds me of a thing which happened near my own place a couple of years ago. One of my fav bitches on the block (also v.thin) gave 8 pups too. We took care of them during the first few crucial weeks. They needed it cauz the mom was quite uncaring when it came to her puppies.
So anyways, this is about Lucky's own.
Fatty is black & white and of course, quite the fattest one. It stands out from the lot coz the rest are either brown, brown n white, black or greyish-black. It's the most adventurous & stubborn. If u wake it from a deep slumber, it will sit in one corner with an angry irritated look on its face - What's ur problem? Why did u wake me?
Chinky is brown in color with a puggish face & chinky eyes. It is the next fattest fur ball & yeah, i know this' one's a male. Its one of those pups which merges in with the rest. It's o-cho-cute!!
Betty is choc brown & white with flappy ears. It's a leeetle weak with a confused look on its face. One word that comes to mind when i think of it is
~ HAZE ~ BTW, Betty's a boy.
Tup, a brown n white with black nose, is one of the weak ones, but tends to get naughty. Try to feed it with a dropper & it goes SQUIRM SQUIRM....SQUIRM SQUIRM. Also, its eyes are glazed over. Hmm......
Goldie is the white of the batch (of cookies. Ha Ha. Sorry. puppies) with light brown (u can say cream) & white skin & a pink nose & blue eyes. It's damn naughty & irritates all the others. But when it falls asleep (which it tends to do a lot) it sleeps like a baby. It's quite a tiny bundle though.
Mouse is almost black & a heavy bundle. It looks rather like a rat though. It's my fav one. Tho i think if it had its way, it wud have chosen to be a ram. Go figure. It's a dreamer & a fast grower. Don't grow up so fast Mouse!
Biscuit is the smallest. Sometimes i take it in my fist & have to fight the urge to squish it like those soft squeegies u squeeze to let off ur stress. Aaaaaaaaaaaww......... Biscuit is grey & most of the time it just sits there. And when the mom Lucky comes once in a while to feed them, poor Biscuit can't even reach her teats ( when they're in standing position) coz she's too short. When they're all lying down & feeding, she gets crushed under all the other puppies in the mad rush for the teats. Damn it, she's my fav too.
Lakshmi (last but not the least) is not a cow or a house help (search me) but a grey pup too. She's always ready to drink, eat, sleep, laze about & generally be merry. But boy, can she be fussy. Or am I confusing it with one of the others? Gawd these puppies muddle up my brains.
Sorry, lakshmi's dead now. (roadkill)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie - Requiem for a dream

This movie is about 4 drug addicts living in Brooklyn, & how they live trying to get drugs. That's the only thing on their mind & they will do anything to get their drugs.
Sara Goldfarb is a lonely old lady who eats chocolates & watches TV the whole day. Her son Harry is a junkie & deals drugs along with his friend Tyrone who also does drugs. So does his girlfriend Marion who has dreams of opening her own clothes store.
Sara gets the news that she's going to be on her fav TV game show so she wants to become thin so that she can fit into her precious red dress. She goes to a quack who prescribes her dieting pills that're actually speed & soon she gets hooked. She starts hallucinating & ends up in a mental hospital. Her story's the saddest.
Harry ends up with an amputated arm & Tyrone lands in jail. Marion has to have sex with the drug supplier 2 get drugs. And so the cycle continues.......
They're all basically good people but once they got addicted, they dint have a chance to do anything with their lives. It just goes to show that anyone can get addicted. Ellen Burstyn who plays Sara is really good, especially in the scene where she's explaining to her son that she doesn't really have anything much to live for.
This movie's damn scary. It's for those who've never done drugs & maybe just crossed their minds and it's for those who have tried it, but are not yet hooked but on the brink. Once you get hooked, u can't control it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movie review - Love Wrecked

I saw this movie Love Wrecked yesterday. It's one of those funny in a lame way movies, starring the very irritating Amanda Byrnes as Jenny; n also 2 chakas/eunuchs whose names i don't know (one is her best friend & the other's a rockstar). So Jenny & her best friend who secretly has feelings for her go to the Caribbean ( ya right) to work at a hi-fi resort out there, which happens to be 'rocksta' Jason Masters' fav resort (ha ha). Predictably, he drops in with his weird entourage & stuff happens & Jenny finds herself in a deserted island, marooned with her idol. But then she discovers that they're actually not, but then doesn't tell Jason so that she can spend time alone with him coz she's too tempted.
In the end, once she gets to know him, she's a lil disappointed coz he doesn't live up to the image she had in mind. Anyways, she ends up, again, predictably, with her best friend. So this movie turns out to have quite a dumb twist. I guess it's one of the 'leave ur brain behind & enjoy' kinda movies. like Dude whre's my car. dat one was ridiculously funny. dis one's like timepass. I always end up watching such corny crappy shit it's just so addictive..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye bye Jason Castro

Jason Castro the guy who stands out got voted out of the show today. He was the best.......coz he just dint care & he was just so cool. His performance the day b4 was AWESUM. It was like he's least bothered & he knows how 2 hav fun. n his reply " I was thinkin bout marley!" n man, he purposely 4got the lyrics.. so cool.Randy & Simon were so pissed off, they must've bin like y did we keep him in the top 12! I guess they just don't get him. He's ssoo laidback n relaxed, a far cry from the others like the hi strung banshee Sayeesha or whatever the frig her name is. Gawd n dat David Archuleta is so constipated. If Jason had been the idol, it wud've bin like america's got sense & not gone 4 the same old predictable n boring...wateva. Obviously, i'm not gonna watch the show now coz he's gone, i guess he wanted 2 go out anyways cuz dat environment dont suit him. Nyways, Jason u freak, u keep d dreads n i want ur attitude n u shuffle on ya.
PS> Go..go..Jason Castro!!