Saturday, November 3, 2012

I got to sdt to sp LIVE woohoo!!

My first concert....and guess who's the artiste? My favorite - Sean Paul! I've always maintained that the only artistes I'd go to see live were SP (coz he's my fave; I used to be OBSESSED with him and his music at one time), Adam Lambert (coz he's so friggin entertainin) and maybe Snoop Dogg (I've heard he's good at his live shows).

True, I haven't bought his latest two albums. I've listened to most of the songs on his website and youtube though. He's changed his style in his latest, it sounds more pop and trance than dancehall. I obviously love his  dancehall beats. He also has a mohawk now tho I don't like it much. I like his bald look even less. I think he looks hot in cornrows.

Anyhoo I'm so lucky (maybe the hill has somethin to do with it?) coz he came to Bombay on Nov 3 2012. I got the cheapest ticket (silver - 2000 bucks) but guess what? I slipped through under the barricade into the gold area a lil before any of the action and bwoy am I glad I did when I did! I immediately got stopped by a security guard but I managed to convince him quite easily (! my powers of convincing suprise me these days!) and he agreed. I ran ahead at once to get lost in the gold crowd and almost as soon as I did, they told  the gold crowd to move into the vip area! I guess if i'd delayed a minute more in getting into the gold from the silver, I wouldn't have been able to get into the vip at all!

So basically there I was in the third row, standing among people that had paid Rs 5000+ for such a spot!
I soon moved to the second row but later moved back a bit and more to the center coz I wasn't getting an unobstructed view of SP and enough space to dance at the former.

So let me tell it from the start. The show was officially supposed to start at 5 pm. The opening act was some bollywood shite so I figured I'd reach by 6 pm so as to not spoil my mood. But they started letting us in only at 6 and then we had to wait till 7 for anything, anything at all to happen. I spent this time way at the back in the silver area. The venue (open air ground at andheri sports complex) was huge so there was a big gap with no ppl between the gold and silver areas. Some organizer ppl said they'd let the silver crowd into the gold after a while. But as you know i got tired of waiting, and when the show finally started, with a dance by shiamak davar's troop, I infiltrated the gold area haha! And then the vip.

Then came a guy called DJ Girish who went on and on for almost an hour. He did try, and his energy level was really high, but the crowd was gettin real impatient for sean a paul. After this, came the bollywood shite and they tortured us with a song. They were like " anyone for seconds" and were literally booed off stage! There was this irritating annoyin bich who was the host. Even her clothes were pathetic. Anyhoo finally SP's DJs came on and played some reggae and then FINALLY at around 8 30 pm, came SP!

He looked the same in real life and even his voice was the same. He was in black and had on shades. The first one he sang was So Fine and  then Get Busy, but he really started to get in the groove only after this. Even the crowd's vibe got strong only after the 2nd song. It was pretty continuous, one song after another; and he sang stuff from all his five albums. I even got to sdt to one of my favorite ones - Baby Boy! Some other songs included Deport them, Gimme de light, Im Still in Love, Hot Sexy Punkie, Make it clap, Ever Blazin, Temperature, We be Burnin' (the politically correct version of course!), Give it up to me, Got to Luv u, Watch dem roll, Hold on and How deep is your Love. I was pretty darn surprised at his energy! I mean at one point he was literally jumping for five minutes straight and singin at the same time! And he can SING really well live too! Awesome! I could literally see the sweat dripping off him! twice he threw his white towels into the crowd! A guy directly behind me caught the 2nd one lol. A couple of times he dirty danced with one of his two dancers (who were btw not in bikinis and mostly did all the dance steps exactly from his vids) and the crowd literally went wild! And the crowd's vibe was also great, even after being made to wait a tiring 3 hours for SP! People singin along gettin all the lyrics rite and soundin good and LOUD! wow! the crowd was the biggest surprise for me i tell ya.

He said something about one of his dreams being to reduce pollution. And yeah he's crazy about sexy ladies lol! He did the dance from that korean song and was laughin his ass off as everyone was screamin their heads off! Anyhoo, at sharp 10 he literally disappeared off the stage i mean I dint even see him go! Damn!

Well it was a fun experience and I got to dance my ass off to SP live! That was amazing! I would have liked it a hell lot more if it wasn't so crowded tho. My next concert with SP is only gonna be in an intimate concert setting! Foshiz!

But it was just like I expected a concert to be - standing and sweating and screaming and dancing the whole time among a big crowd! In this case, the crowd itself was pretty good (i mean a crowd which loves sp can't be all bad now can it?), and I even hung out with some other like minded ppl for a while. But i was pretty shocked at the turn out! It was quite a crowd, and there were all sorts of ppl - hi fi, avg, old, young, indians, foreigners.

The bad points of the concert was the organization and professionalism. They started very late and SP was on only for 1.5 hours. Some would say it was a rip off. It felt like the DJ before him was on for an awful long time (tho it was 1 hr) and wen SP was on the time just flew. Plus, when after the concert I asked if I could meet him, they were like absolutely not ( well darlin I'm afraid he's already left the building - were the exact words) ! But yeah, what was I expectin with a big star like SP!

Let's see what the future holds ;)

A pic from my shitty fone cam!