Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Man it's bin a while since i posted anyfin here! I could post this story (fkin amazin one) I wrote sometime back, but thought i'd get it published somewhere hi fi (it's that good lol), but til now only rejections. Sniffles. Anyhoo i feel like makin a neat lidl bullet list of all the random cwap i bin upto, i mean wateva cwap that i can scrounge up from my brain (aint too sharp these days i fear. it is after all my 23rd year) at the moment. Garble.

  • Peeing in the woods (did this many times over haha!)
  • Knowing what it feels like to be imprisoned in a madhouz (literally locked in in a girl's hostel full of retards in the middle of nowhere)
  • Indirectly causing a road accident (ooops!)
  • Turning into a lazy ass shopper (left behind the days of roaming the roads sniffing out bargains & cheap deals)
  • Climbing a random hill in the dead of night (and reaching the top woohoo! always was a dream. fact that it was crazy & we had no equipment/food and hardly any water and just one good light that lasted whew made it all the more fun. i mean, i might as well have been barefoot, so good were the floaters i had on :)
  • Buying floaters out of pity (hehe)
  • Watching titanic 3d in the theater (aaaaaarghhhh!)
  • Learning to never have regrets (coz in the end it's all good)
  • Unmentionable abominable cwap (ermmm)
  • Cycling to Sula (that was fun! i liked the sula riesling best- so refreshing!)
  • Hunting for the perfect sunblock (gaaawd i am bored)

G'bye now