Thursday, December 24, 2009

Movie review - Avatar

I really wanted to see this movie coz i hadn't yet seen a 3D movie....and though i usually don't care about movies which everyone raves about coz of the visuals, i knew the theme of this one was nature.

In 3D, it basically feels like there's no screen & everything seems closer. Anyhoo, about the movie, the story itself is quite simple & the plot doesn't have twists/turns/such-like :P
But the planet Pandora really makes you drool....reminded me of South America! The place is so magical & creative. It's all in the details.

The story isn't extraordinary though the special effects are. You should watch it only if in 3D.

Isn't it ironic though - humans have destroyed the earth through technology & everything man made to such an extent that soon the only way to enjoy a scene of nature may be through hi-tech movies such as these (where it's all computerized & artificial, and nothing natural actually exists).