Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blue Mountain

Shot from Echo point, Matheran

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Flying - aaah.....i love it! Maybe cauz i've done it only like twice in my life, and the first time i was a very leetle kid so i don't remember it anyways. But the 2nd time was quite recently, when i went on a trip to Goa with my mom & sis. Believe it or not, it took less time to fly there ( around 45 mins ) than it takes to travel by road or rail within Mumbai, say from the suburbs to the south. Anyhoo, i think it totally matters who ur travelling with - it does determine if u will have a fun experience or not.
Of course, my flight lasted quite a short while. I guess longer flights wud be a bore. So, we boarded the flight & of course fighted a bit over who gets the window seat, & then listened as one of the flight attendants told us wat to do in case of emergencies. I gotta say, the air hostesses on my particular flight didn't look anyting exceptional, like they're portrayed as usually. But this depends on the airline u r flying with.
Also, some airlines serve free alcohol & stuff, but unfortunately not the one i travelled on. Or may b that's only on international airlines...i dunno. So, then came the takeoff. As expected, i got that feeling of my stomach dropping but surprisingly my ears didn't get that blocked. Take offs are definitely more fun than landings! While landing, we felt a bump or 2 during touchdown, & then we were cruising on the runway for a pretty long time. Almost feels like ur sitting in a car.
Hmm. the view.......the city got smaller & smaller( quite ugly cauz of too many buildings) till u cud only see the sky. The sky gets pretty boring after a while, same old blue with fluffs of cloud here n there. But the runway while touchdown looked great cauz it was night time & all lighted bordered by diamonds. But the scene during the take off from Goa was nice.
Ok, now i'll tell u the best part of the plane ride.....the food! I don't exactly remember wat they served, but i can't forget the chocolate mudpie/pastry. It was soooooooooooooooooo delish. I was really tempted to ask 4 one more, but dint. Sigh. i hoped that we wud get to eat it again during the return flight, but it was not to be. Sigh again. All in all (damn, i haven't used that phrase since a long time) the snackies were kool.
One thing i wanted to do, but totally forgot was to check out the loo. Like, mayb i wud have caught a couple in there, like in the movies!
So, that was my flying experience, pretty relaxing & kool; tho another time i felt i'm flying ( in a totally different sense tho ) is when galloping on a horse. That also i hav dun v.rarely, like the last time was abt 4 yrs's so much fun but it's not 4 the wud u like to run with a human on ur back?
Something to remember on a long flight is to get up & stretch ur legs every 2 hrs or so, cauz there's an increased risk of thrombosis whenever u sit in one place for too long without moving. Also, fasten ur seatbelts during takeoff, landing & turbulence.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ever wondered what to gift a friend whose b'day's coming up? Or someone who's moving? Of course, if u know what they want, it's ok. But if not, then instead of giving a showpiece or a windchyme or something that they can't use, gift something which dey can. Like, i aint talkin bout some reallly expensive electronic gadget n all, but i like to give & recieve many lil tings....dats more fun than one big pricey gift! Such as....................

A cool hat/beret to beat the heat

A yummy lip gloss

Eyeliner for a smoky look

Funky pendants

Jacket for keepin warm

Blingy ringzzzz

T-shirt with animal logo

T-shirt with a funny one liner

A sexy scarf for that 70's look


Nail paint for sumthin girly

Perfume for sumthin fragrant

Body products......swoooon

A nice bottle of wine

Bags- for college/work/camping/nite out

A cute short skirrt

Cute socks

Flip flops for a day at the beach

Hair accessories like clips, scruchiez, bands et all

Colorful bangles

An ethnic bracelet

A box of chocolates....different ones plz

A handy kit with soap, handwash, hairbrush, toothbrushnpaste, tissues, deo, nailcutter, shampooo, conditioner, etc etc.........

A CD of their fav artist's latest album

Color pencils, feltpens, crayons n watercolors for the creative ones

Sweet notepads for the neat n studious ones

A dear diary

A small fluffy pillow that'll come in handy for a quick nap in class or for travel

An insulated water bottle

Cheery mug to nurse a drink

Dog leash for their pet poochie or if they're goth

Soft hankies/napkins (not off the street ones duh) for a sweaty summer

Cozy psychedelic pajamas

Cuban cigar to enjoy on a leisurely evening