Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello wats up sleepyhead? Saw Casino Royale the other day....usually hate 007 movies but feelin bored on a saturday nite. Ssok it was timepass better n not as borin as the few other james bond movies i've seen. Daniel craig luks pretty old tho he thinks he luks so hot...he's pouting thruout..he thinks he's angelina jolie?? only she can pull it off. Not rene zelleweger & certainly not daniel craig! Anyhoo, they've picked the worst lukin Bond girl ever...n the first one (who dies) was even uglier. And,, she had an uncanny resemblance to none other than the gawd awful yukta mookhey. Yes rememba her? i do, but only b'coz BT keeps putting her pixs and dissing her...

Also saw Perfect World..dis one tugs at ur heart strings!! aaaawwwww
Hmmm also saw Down by law...nice one.