Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meaningless Ramblings at 1 30 in the morning

Merry christmas yawl! It's 1 30 am and I am awake with fkal to do so here I am posting at this blog o mine which noboby reads.

I slept the evening away and woke up at night hungry to eat sour strawberries with a bit of vanilla ice and a cup of instant coffee for dinnal. Must rememba to get kaaapiii powder from ddr! anyhoo i really wanted to go to OF to see what goodies they've got lined up for christmas but sleep and laziness won. tomorrow maybe?

I am reading this "supposed to be excruciatingly funny" book but gotten only a couple laughs out of it till now. "A smell of petroleum prevails throughout". lol.

Someone's finally extremely keen on publishing my story AND paying me for it! well i guess 1000 bux is better than nothing, and they seem to be pretty up there atleast. that reminds me of an email i have to send and a long forgotten story i have to get back to. anyhoo i love shape shifters and writing about them! hmmm should i try gettin adventures of pintoo published? it's much less professional but funny as hell. maybe later. in  future times of lethargy. rite now need to get back into the frenetic state of mind maan. dont let the holiday season push u back into complacent mode dyaam yu

i have finally reached di base of di mountain (inna di carribean accent) - mo about dis next year ;) sorry a pessimistic attitude is what works for me so there may not be mo about dis next year!

ima try to get back in di frenzied frame o mind so gnite now

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